Boy Scout Troop 264

Boy Scout Troop 264 meets at Grace Church every Tuesday from 7.30pm - 8.30pm. Year round enrollment. Come and give it a try.

Grace Church has proudly sponsored Boy Scout Troop 264 almost from its inception. It is a large, active, diverse, successful troop with Eagle Scouts (highest level of Scouting that a boy can achieve) coming out of its ears!

The Scouting program builds character, self confidence, personal achievement, leadership. You will never hear of a Boy who had a bad scouting experience - even if he drops out!

As Pastor of Grace Church I personally recommend Scouting as the foundational program and recreational hub for your child. Invest in your children's future by enrolling them in a Scouting program before seeking special tutors or specialized educational programs.

Scouting helps your son and daughter to mature faster, make better decisions, respect their elders and others, and get more out of life. Scouting friends are usually lifelong friends of great character.