ABC Evergreen PreSchool At Grace Church

8.00am – 6.00pm

offers a safe, nurturing environment where your child will get the attention and care that s/he needs. The School environment encourages children to grow as caring, happy, and productive individuals.

ABC PreSchool Sings & Plays!

ABC PreSchool Sings & Plays!

The program directed by a Teacher with 20 years experience in childhood education allows children to become self-confident, creative thinkers, problem solvers.
Children learn at their own pace with an emphasis on socialization and pre academic skills with respect for spiritual values. ABC Evergreen Preschool provides a loving atmosphere, a well balanced academic program with hands on learning.
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Comments From Happy Parents
“This is the best school for a kid that I found in San Jose.”
The teachers are very nice and sweet.”

“We are happy to see our son learning new things…”

“We also recommended the School to our friend and they seem to be happy too, sending their kids to this pre-school.”

Woohoo!!! We were referred here by a friend. We enrolled our son when he was 2 and he thoroughly enjoys every day he spends there. In just 6 short months, he is already more communicative, and building up great social skills with all the other kids. And added bonus they potty-trained my little one!”


“My child is excited to go to school every day and happy to share with me his classwork/artwork whenever I pick him up. He leaves the school smiling and saying bye to all his friends and teachers.”


“My son is always singing songs and talking about things he has learned from school. I am so glad that he is having such a positive experience….”