Our Lead Pastor

Pastor John Goldstein came to Grace in 2008.
There was a simple request: ‘Keep us alive to the present and lead us into the future’.  God never gives Pastors simple tasks. Congregations don’t either. 

This Pastor give thanks that he was not asked to save a country from starvation as Joseph was, nor asked to gather a clannish crowd into a tribe and show them how to become a nation ‘a la Moses’.

Grace is a wonderful place to be, set in the vibrant heart of the Evergreen community.
Pastor is adaptable to varying contexts. He can be something of a clown in worship as well as fulfill the role of a traditional Pastor all as the context demands. Typecasting him is like typecasting a chameleon.  It doesn’t last for very long!

His varied ministry experience has granted him an insight into and appreciation for the life experience of each individual. He tries to be as flexible and as rigid as necessary to help people grasp the strengths of their personalities, grow their character with integrity and confidently use their God given gifts. He admits that his perception may often be a little dim but his success rate is for others to decide. 

_portraitSmallHe has no idea. He has ministered with the ‘poorest of the poor’, the wealthy and everybody in between.
It all started in High School where he discovered a hunger to learn from the diversity of peoples in the world. Books provide only a scant introduction. The knowledge he sought was only available first hand. His Teachers encouraged him to fulfill this search, not pine for knowledge as if it was unavailable. He has never regretted finding the courage to enter that journey of discovery. There has been no turning back.
He knows that every person in God’s creation is unique and each perspective on life and reality has the seed of genius.  Unfortunately, most fail to cultivate and harvest the rich benefits of investing in the germination of that seed.

Pastor John keeps on. He looks forward to meeting you and hearing your story and learning of your genius.