Keep your happy memories here for the long term.  This is a  free gift for those who reserve the Hall for a major event!

This is your one time opportunity to purchase and place a memory brick along the Grace Memory Walk.  Keep your event and your memories alive.

Honor your friend or family member by memorializing the day for that someone special. 


Where Is The Memory Walk?

The memory walk leads from the Event Hall to the upgraded newly decorated Gazebo.

Memory Bricks are available for:

4×8-inch brick 

The 4×8-inch brick will have space for three lines, 18 characters max per line. $200 Donation

8×8 inch brick

The 8×8-inch brick will have space for six lines, 18 characters max. per line. Logo included.$400 Donation


     Memories last here! 


PreSchool, Scout, Wedding, Quinceañera walk the memory walk!

Place a logo on your Memory Brick