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_portraitSmall (1)Everyone likes to be free but I don’t know if there are many who are truly free today.
I know this may sound like an unusual statement in a country where so much is made of freedom. The U. S. Declaration of Independence declares a personal and communal freedom while the Constitution is written to protect freedom.


But freedom doesn’t exist unless a person is master of their life and makes informed decisions based on truth and fact. We need to be master of our lives and not slaves to general opinion, excuses or malaise. Today, both truth and fact are hard to find. Media personalities dominate the presentation of fact. Little is stated without promoting the philosophy of the personality or the politic of the sponsor. News today is not ‘news’ but sensational soundbites to titillate our curiosity but not satiate a thirst for knowledge or truth. Everyone denies ‘following the crowd’ but statistical studies show that everyone does to some extent.

It is said that we are like the company we keep and the books that we read. Okay. Fewer people are reading so the primary source for our life and style is from the company we keep. How is the company you keep? How informed is it? Does the company study truth?

Grace Church wants to help you turn this situation around.
We want you to be in control of your life. We do our best to provide you with truth and help you learn skills that put you in charge. Life’s challenges are not the circumstances we find ourselves in but the choices that we make in those circumstances. And how do we make good choices without good information? Garbage in. Garbage out. Truth in. Wisdom out.
Grace is seeking individuals and families who are hungry to learn truth from the sage of the Ages. God speaks to us through various means: The Scriptures, the community, our personal experience. Our worship opportunities and educational programs seek to focus on truth and to provide you with the skills necessary to make sound and sane life choices that impact everyone about you.


We are not interested in telling you what you must believe. We want to help you to gain the tools and skills to make informed decisions, to know what you believe and why you believe it. And we want to provide you with the tools to accomplish that.

This world will be changed one person at a time. And that starts with me. It is not my idea. Actually, Jesus said it a long time ago, ‘the kingdom of God is within you’. (Luke 17.21)

Join us and we shall uncover truth together.