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    What People Are Saying About ‘Focus On Faith’

    • “Pastor John. You are very inspiring! Thank you.”
    • “Thanks for forwarding valuable and informative messages which helps not only me and others also.” Bangalore, India
    • “Amen :)” Rochester NY
    • “Very Good Message”
    • “Thank you very well said. You are so right about the expectations of much of our population. ‘ We have a right, we deserve it!!’ Despite having done little
      or nothing to demonstrate we did anything to earn the right or be deserving.” San Jose CA
    • “Thank you. Wisdom to live by.” San Jose CA
    • “Want you to know that this seems to be effective for folks to read. Just one page and one idea.” San Jose CA
    • “Thanks Pastor John. Good thoughts.” San Jose CA
    • “I always find your words to be of great value and significance for me. Especially in your last one. Thank you very much”