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Youth Show the Way


Thank you Parkland High and America’s High School students for making a difference.
The tragic events at Parkland High School in Florida brought home to American High School youth that their lives are in peril while adults apparently in denial to life’s frailty are fixated on abstract ideals.
It is heartening to see youth commitment to life and life principles.  They ask for action and change in how one interprets rights AND responsibilities. They want commitment to changes. Not just words.
Yes.  They are challenging our resigned acceptance to the proliferation of more and more powerful weapons.  Yes. They are forcing a ‘rethink’ of the interpretation of the second amendment.  
In one way or another the youth are saying:  The Right to bear arms is a constitutional RIGHT that surely includes the responsibility that goes along with bearing arms. It is not for the irresponsible, untrained, nor the weak of heart or mind. Even membership in a gun club is not guaranteed. There are standards to be upheld, rules to follow. So it is with arms.
Our School youth are also demanding that schools develop their future for self and human development.  They want America to focus on what it should do best: building community, building trust in each other, understanding and appreciation for the differences between us. Love in all its forms build learning communities.  
In contrast we American voting adults appear to be numbed and robotized to conclude we can do nothing but ‘submit’ to a worn out neutrality that is killing our children. Repetitive, singular and narrow dogmatic positions on the second amendment have numbed us into a resigned submission. Political leadership is tragically hollow. The youth are telling us parents and adults: No more!

The Divine light of God exists in all of us.  Divine light does not harm but promotes the good and creative way of life and existence.  That’s the direction we need to head in our thinking, our actions and our commitments.


Thank you youth. Continue to embarrass us and to move us in the directions we need to go until we get the thinking, actions and commitments we desperately need as a nation.