First Time Guest?

dsc_2358There is always some hesitancy about that first visit.  
Are ‘they’ Traditional? Conservative? Liberal? Young? Old? Rigid? Flexible? Inflexible? Stubborn? Tolerant? Friendly? Cold?
Yep. We probably are all of these.
It all depends on who you ask. 
Jesus found it okay to associate with all types – even the good and bad types – and he showed them how to get along with each other. Hope he is doing that at Grace too!

I like to think we know when to have fun, be serious, laugh, cry and everything in between. You will find the Pastor to be all these things too. He may live up to all your standards and he may not.

_homepageWhat You Can Expect

Our worship style varies with our population. We do celebrate communion weekly.
We are known to use contemporary, modern and very old and traditional church music on occasion. We are also known to have a very modern look about our worship style too. So don’t be surprised at what we do.
We hold special services such as weddings, baptisms, Quinceañeras, in English or Spanish, sometimes bilingually.
So long as God shines through, we grow, learn how to be leaders in our lives, leaders within our families and give God the praise, we can’t be too far wrong.