The Daffodils are in bloom. Already!

There was that saying, ‘April showers. May flowers.’ It may still be true but so is ‘February sprinkles. March blooms.’

Plants grow in spite of everything that could impair their success. We are in drought. Moisture is low. We see dew, fog, perhaps an occasional sprinkle shower that entices us to want and plead for more. The daffodils say it is time to grow. Survival and growth are possible. We see problems. The daffodils see solutions.

I read somewhere that ‘every problem has its solution.’ This is certainly true. The solution requires that I take ownership of the problem. Even if I don’t believe that I caused the problem!

Ownership gives control over circumstance and allows one to move forward with resolution. Casting blame on someone else removes the ability to control both circumstance and outcome.

The global cultural milieu today is looking for someone else to resolve our problems. Whether it be government, imperial powers, wealthy corporations, tycoons, nationally mandated programs. But no entity can resolve personal life issues.

Jesus said ‘Take up your cross and follow me’. He didn’t suggest that we should throw the cross on someone else’s shoulders nor cast it on the ground for someone else to pick up. It’s mine.

The path to salvation begins when we accept ourselves and our situation as it is and commit to transform from that time forward. It is personal. Individual. It involves ownership. The decision moves us on to places that we have never been following an incredible life model!

And if the daffodils decided not to break forth with life? We wouldn’t know. We might recollect that the daffodils haven’t come forth this year. That would be it.

Similarly, those who decide against owning their problems can be reassured of only one thing. They have arrived at the pinnacle of their life experience. It will always be more of the disappointing sameness.

On the other hand the Daffodils come forth and allow us to experience their brilliant color, vibrant strength moving in the wind. They trumpet the message that every problem has its solution. And the solutions surround us.

The Jesus story is colorfully filled with rich stories of life solutions. ‘Take up your cross and follow me’. The solution may be difficult and hard but it does exist. We all need hope that our life challenges are resolvable. We all need hope that we are building the character to move us onto the next level of greatness. Lets follow together!

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