Grace Worship

Join us for worship every Sunday at 11:00 am
It is said that 'you will never accomplish more than your dream'.
Small dream. Little accomplishment.  So  how is your dreaming?
It is also said that 'you only achieve what you focus on'.
How is your focus?
These sayings are true. Life experience essentially confirms it.
 We gather at Grace on Sunday to focus on the big dream and the God who makes it possible for us to dream. Get the 'dream' clear and the focus and achieving seem to fall into place!
Worship is like an automobile. There are many models and accessories with one purpose: to get us to our destination. That is, encounter God in our senses, our mind and being.
In worship one sings, prays, reads, watches, perhaps kneels, stands, talks, maybe lights candles, definitely move, give away symbols of our treasures, eat.
Yes. Do whatever it takes to find God present and alive in and within you.
Everyone worships a god on Sunday morning.  But it is not necessarily the greatest god. One is of great value. The rest mundane. Worship with Grace and together we shall come in contact with God.