Who We Are

Grace, like Evergreen, is a multi-cultural community.
We are from all parts of the world, speak various first and second languages, have roots in differing religions and share various and diverse cultures.
We all have a common interest in finding God who leads us to fullness of life.
It is said there are many ways to climb the mountain and find God.
This is most likely true. Paths are often crooked, take detours or hit many obstacles along the way. They don’t necessarily reach the mountaintop but offer the impression they are heading in the right direction. Some paths too, are shorter than others.
Those who claim no belief in God are camping on a level of the mountain or meandering within its valleys or by its streams.
Grace Evergreen 2015

Grace Evergreen 2015

We have all done this at some point in our lives. It can be ‘cool’, calm or distressful, also meaningless. Not a great place to be.
Just remember, all are welcome at Grace regardless of where you are on your spiritual path.
Jesus once said, ‘I am the way, the truth and the life.’ This should not be taken as a sign of arrogance or bragging.  It is a message to all of us looking for a way, a better way, who are unsure of the path, lost in the journey, in despair, confused, wanting to get out of the morass.
Jesus surely is the way – if we take the way. It’s THE way, the shortest way when contrasted with the alternatives which present themselves as no way!

Grace Worship

Join us for worship every Sunday at 10:30 am
It is said that ‘you will never accomplish more than your dream’.
Small dream. Little accomplishment.  So  how is your dreaming?
It is also said that ‘you only achieve what you focus on’.
How is your focus?
These sayings are true. Life experience essentially confirms it.
 We gather at Grace on Sunday to focus on the big dream and the God who makes it possible for us to dream. Get the ‘dream’ clear and the focus and achieving seem to fall into place!
Worship is like an automobile. There are many models and accessories with one purpose: to get us to our destination. That is, encounter God in our senses, our mind and being.
In worship one sings, prays, reads, watches, perhaps kneels, stands, talks, maybe lights candles, definitely move, give away symbols of our treasures, eat.
Yes. Do whatever it takes to find God present and alive in and within you.
Everyone worships a god on Sunday morning.  But it is not necessarily the greatest god. One is of great value. The rest mundane. Worship with Grace and together we shall come in contact with God.

Join Us!

_portraitSmall (1)Everyone likes to be free but I don’t know if there are many who are truly free today.
I know this may sound like an unusual statement in a country where so much is made of freedom. The U. S. Declaration of Independence declares a personal and communal freedom while the Constitution is written to protect freedom.


But freedom doesn’t exist unless a person is master of their life and makes informed decisions based on truth and fact. We need to be master of our lives and not slaves to general opinion, excuses or malaise. Today, both truth and fact are hard to find. Media personalities dominate the presentation of fact. Little is stated without promoting the philosophy of the personality or the politic of the sponsor. News today is not ‘news’ but sensational soundbites to titillate our curiosity but not satiate a thirst for knowledge or truth. Everyone denies ‘following the crowd’ but statistical studies show that everyone does to some extent.

It is said that we are like the company we keep and the books that we read. Okay. Fewer people are reading so the primary source for our life and style is from the company we keep. How is the company you keep? How informed is it? Does the company study truth?

Grace Church wants to help you turn this situation around.
We want you to be in control of your life. We do our best to provide you with truth and help you learn skills that put you in charge. Life’s challenges are not the circumstances we find ourselves in but the choices that we make in those circumstances. And how do we make good choices without good information? Garbage in. Garbage out. Truth in. Wisdom out.
Grace is seeking individuals and families who are hungry to learn truth from the sage of the Ages. God speaks to us through various means: The Scriptures, the community, our personal experience. Our worship opportunities and educational programs seek to focus on truth and to provide you with the skills necessary to make sound and sane life choices that impact everyone about you.


We are not interested in telling you what you must believe. We want to help you to gain the tools and skills to make informed decisions, to know what you believe and why you believe it. And we want to provide you with the tools to accomplish that.

This world will be changed one person at a time. And that starts with me. It is not my idea. Actually, Jesus said it a long time ago, ‘the kingdom of God is within you’. (Luke 17.21)

Join us and we shall uncover truth together.


Where Can I Serve?

Jesus told us, his disciples, to make disciples of all nations. One of the most important values of this church is our mission to the world. It begins in our own community, and spreads overseas to every nation. Church members are involved in a variety of ministries from things as simple as washing the church vehicles, to preparing the church bulletins.

Mission Outreach

Grace  is thrilled to be part of the spread of God’s kingdom around the world. 

Music & Drama


Media & Technology 

Marriage Support

Marriages are built and renewed every day. Everyone needs marriage support to grow us beyond current experience to new depths of relationships.
You will find support here.

Superb Banquet & Event Center For Your Event

Call 510 584 1810 for information and reservations!!

Our Grand Promotion 
Only $3850 for up to 100 people including gourmet quality Food, Hall, Tables and Chairs.
Elegant Fun & Attractive

Elegant Fun & Attractive

Spacious Grounds with Off Street Parking

Spacious Grounds with Off Street Parking

Room for Jumpers & Outside Entertainments

Room for Jumpers & Outside Entertainments

An Elegant Option With Tables On The Patio!

An Elegant Option With Tables On The Patio!

Your Event Comes Alive With The Help Of Our Decorator!  Round Tables & Dance Floor Too!

Your Event Comes Alive With The Help Of Our Decorator! Round Tables & Dance Floor Too!


Everyone Loves Grace Events!

You will Love Your Decorations

You will Love Your Decorations

Service With A Smile!

Service With A Smile!

Gourmet Food International Mexican Mediterranean Italian etc

Gourmet Food
International,  Mexican, Mediterranean, Italian & More!


Buffet Room Is A Favorite!

Buffet Room Is A Favorite!


Enjoy Whole Lechón, Goat or Lamb! Vegetarians Options Available We Aim To Please!

Enjoy Whole Lechón, Goat or Lamb! Vegetarian Options Available
We Aim To Please


The Break Out Room is great for small seminars, planning groups too. We’ll set it up for you.

Grace Package includes:
-Hall for up to 200 capacity
-Up to 200 Decorated Tables and Chairs
-Gourmet quality cuisine to your agreed upon specifications
-Outside Patio,
-Space for Jumpers and Outdoor equipment
-Off street parking for your guests
-and much more!

Payments Through Paypal

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